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Continuing Education Auto Travel (In miles)
Coaching & Lessons Expense   Audition Travel  
Dance Training Business Meetings
Music – Arrangements Continuing Education  
Tapes, CDs, & Recordings   Jobseeking  
Training Out-Of-Town Business Trips
Rents – Rehearsal Hall Purchasing Job Supplies & Materials
Tickets – Performance Audit   Professional Society Meetings  
Voice Training Parking Fees & Tolls ($)
Other: ____________________ Other:____________________________
Promotional Expenses Travel – Out of Town
Audition Tapes &Videos Airfare
Business Cards Car Rental
Film & Processing Parking
Mailing Supplies – Envelopes, etc. Taxi, Train, Bus & Subway
Photos – Professional Lodging (do not combine with meals)
Resume’ and Portfolio Expenses Meals (do not combine with lodging)
Other:_____________________________ Laundry and Porter
    Bridge & Highway Tolls  
Supplies & Expenses Telephone Calls (including home)
Alterations/Repairs (costumes) Other:____________________________
Cleaning (costume/wardrobe) Telephone Costs  
Costumes – Wardrobe (special)   Cellular Calls  
Dues – Union & Professional   FAX Transmissions  
Gifts – Business   Paging Service  
On-Line Services   Pay Phone  
Insurance – Equipment Toll Calls
Interest – Business Loans Other:____________________________
Makeup – Cosmetics (special business)    
Manicure – (special for hand inserts)   Equipment Purchases  
Meals – Business (enter 100% of cost)   Answering Machine  
Photocopy – Scripts, etc.   Amplifiers  
Postage & Office Supplies Audio Systems
Props, Stunt Supplies Musical Instruments
Publications – Trade Pager and Recorder
Rents – Office, Storage, etc. Software
Rents – Equipment, Costumes, etc. Speaker Systems
Repairs – Equipment Computer & Printer
Secretarial Tools
Commissions – Agent/Manager Other:____________________________
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