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Target your market, have a budget, choose a vehicle(s) that fits your budget, don’t skimp on quality production. If 90% of your cost is paying for the vehicle (newspaper, magazine, newsletter, etc.) at least deliver a quality piece.

1. Always include your logo.

2. Create a tag line or creed (i.e. “Helping YOU create an image that sells”. Keep it to 7 word or less. Include it in all your ads, self introductions, and other promotional material.

3. Be creative with your business card.

4. Be consistent with your business card and letterhead. Use same colors to build color association. Use same typestyles, repeat same graphic in different ads. Build recognition through consistency.

5. Use AIDA approach in ad design or direct mail letter.

A=Attention (good headline)
I=Interest (subhead/teaser info)
D=Detail (body, description, time & place)
A= Action (ask them to take action — Call, RSVP, Hurry in, Limited time Offer, etc.)
6. Avoid ALL CAPITALS except occasionally for heading.

7. Send press releases for any community activity you sponsor, any publication you just authored, or any other newsworthy information.

8. Place your own third party editorial in newspaper or direct mail. Written like an article portraying all virtues, typeset like a news article, but paid for by you.

9. Put most effort in direct mail to your existing customer base. Send “Thank You” to new customers, reminders to old, what’s new in-between.

10. Dollar for dollar, networking in the community can be the most cost effective way to increase business. Direct mail to your current customer base is a close second in networking. Other media will have a lower cost per 1,000 to reach but normally a higher cost per new client obtained.

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