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Day Care Providers

Supplies & Expenses   Direct Business Use of Home  
Advertising   Total Square Feet of Home  
Art & Craft Materials   Business Area of Home  
Bonding   Business Hours (total for year)  
Books - Children's   Home Mortgage Interest  
Bottles - Baby   Property Taxes  
Child Protection Devices   Insurance  
Cleaning Supplies   Rents  
Continuing Education   Indirect use of the Home
CPR Training   Cleaning Service  
Diapers   Gardener  
Educational Toys   Maintenance  
First Aid Supplies   Painting  
Food & Formula   Pool Service & Supplies  
Insurance - Business   Repairs - Exterior & Interior  
Laundry Supplies   Repairs - Yard, Fence, etc.  
Legal & Professional Services   Trash Service  
License   Utilities & Cable  
Office Supplies   Electric & Gas  
Paper - Toilet   Water  
Party Supplies   Other_____________________________  
Payroll   Other:____________________________  
Repairs   Capital Purchases  
Tax - Business   Car Seats  
Tax Preparation   Cribs  
Telephone   High Chairs  
Tickets, Fees, etc. - Field Trips   Jungle Gym  
Toys   Slides  
Video Rentals   Swings  
Other:_____________________________   Dishwasher  
Auto Travel (In miles)   Dryer & Washer  
Continuing Education   Fencing  
Field Trips   Refrigerator  
School - Pickup & Delivery   Television  
Shopping - Food & Supplies   VCR  
Parking ($)   Software  
Tolls ($)   Computer & Printer  
Other:_____________________________   Other_____________________________  
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