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Professional Fees & Dues   Equipment & Repairs  
Association Dues   Ammunition & Clips  
Protective League Dues   Ammunition Pouch  
Union Dues   Answering Machine  
Other:_____________________________   Baton, Beeper & Pager  
Uniform Expenses   Briefcase & Binoculars  
Boots & Shoes   Bulletproof Vest  
Uniform Cleaning   Cleaning Equipment – Gun  
Emblems & Gauntlets   Ear Protectors  
Gloves and Jacket   Grips, Flashlight, & Batteries  
Hat & Helmet   Gun – Service Weapon  
Laundry   Keepers and ID Case  
Leathers   Map Book & Note Book  
Pants   Polish  
Rainwear   Recorders & Tapes  
Shirts & Ties   Reloaders  
Swat   Repairs – Equipment & Guns  
Other:_____________________________   Safety Equipment & Glasses  
Auto Travel (In miles)   Ticket Book  
Between 1st & 2nd Job   Trade Publications  
Between Stations   Other:_____________________________  
Out of Town Business Trips   Telephone Expense  
Purchasing Equipment & Supplies   Paging Service  
Uniform Cleaning & Maintenance   Pay Phone  
Continuing Education   Toll Calls  
Parking Fees & Tolls ($)   Cellular and Fax Service  
Other:_____________________________   Other:_____________________________  
Travel – Out of Town   Continuing Education  
Airfare, Bus & Train   Correspondence Course Fees  
Car Rental   Materials, Textbooks & Supplies  
Parking & Tolls   Registration Fees  
Lodging (do not combine with meals)   Other:_____________________________  
Meals (only 50% deductible)   Miscellaneous Expenses  
All Tips   Errors & Omissions Insurance  
Laundry   Legal & Liability Insurance  
Ground Transportation   Licensing Fees  
Telephone Calls (including home)   Roadside Meals (Limited)  
Other:_____________________________   Magazines & Books
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