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With Concerned Business Services tax experience, We know how to put it to work for you.

Whether you’re an individual taxpayer or a small business, Richard D. Adams, CLT is ready to help you maximize your tax savings and prepare you for the future. He knows that the higher your income, the more you need the guidance of expert services, and the insight of a knowledgeable, experienced tax accountant.

Richard D. Adams is much more than just your average tax accountant. Before he started his own practice, Richard worked at the corporate level for over six years with Fortune 500 companies within the Los Angeles area. These businesses included McDonnel-Douglas, Equity Funding, Union Oil, Warner Bros, and Star Kist Tuna.

Serving the South Bay since 1973

Life-time teaching credential

Taught "How to Start a Small Business & Succeed" for over 10 years

Member of "National Society of Public Accountants"

Member of "National Society of Public Accountants"

Former Commissioner - Budget & Finance Committee, City of Redondo Beach

Certified Legal Technician

Licensed by the State of California

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