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Marketing won’t make you rich overnight. But it can help you get noticed by people who haven’t noticed you before – people who you’d like to have as customers. Marketing is the smart first step to take toward achieving the goals you’ve set for our business. Marketing shouldn’t be a hit-or-miss proposition. It shouldn’t be a lot of hard work either. Two important facts you should know about marketing – one, you can’t just plan; you must act. And two, effective marketing is not one big annual splash; it’s a series of smaller activities engaged in over a period of time. Here are some tips to help you practice effective marketing.

Go For Results

  • Marketing isn’t an art form; it’s a way to increase your business. Find out what works and make it a part of your marketing program. Don’t go for a glitzy program that makes you feel good but doesn’t get results

  • Anyone who tells you there’s only one way to market your services is wrong. There are lots of ways to market effectively. Your goal should be to find what works best – and for the least amount of time and money – for you.

Serve You Customers

  • The best source of additional business is from existing customers. They know you and trust you. What’s more, they rely on you to spot their needs and do something about them. Periodically review customer files looking for additional services/products that your clients might need.

  • As your customers questions – then listen carefully to their answers. Understand what your customers need and want; cross-selling them additional services/products will then be easy. Remember to point out the benefits of your business in terms that matter to your customers.

  • Effective marketing involves a lot of simple things – taking customer calls or return them quickly, thanking customers for their business. And keeping clients informed about matters that concern them.

Stick With It

  • Marketing won’t work if you don’t stick with it. Virtually every business that undertakes a marketing program will have limited success at first. That can be very disappointing. Those businesses who have found that marketing works are those that have given it time to be successful.

  • Marketing is incremental; it’s a lot of little things that eventually pay off and give you a dynamic growing business.

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