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Continuing Education   Auto Travel (In miles)  
Private Lessons   Museum & Gallery Visits  
Master Classes & Apprenticeships   Client & Business Meetings  
Schools & Conferences   Continuing Education  
Tickets to Special Exhibits   Gallery Interviews (Potential Shows)  
Gallery Visits & Talks   Out-Of-Town Business Trips  
Museum Memberships   Purchasing Art Supplies & Materials  
Other: ____________________   Professional Society Meetings  
Promotional Expenses   Parking Fees & Tolls ($)  
Portfolio Costs   Other:____________________________  
Business Cards & Resume’   Travel – Out of Town  
Film & Slide Processing   Airfare & Auto Rental  
Postage & Shipping   Van Rental for Moving of Artwork  
Slide and Photographer Fees   Parking  
Printing of Show Announcement Cards   Taxi, Train, Bus & Subway  
Shows & Exhibits   Lodging (do not combine with meals)  
Printing Costs   Meals (enter 100% of expense)  
Other:_____________________________   Laundry, Maid, & Porter  
Supplies & Expenses   Tolls  
Gallery Memberships and Dues   Telephone Calls (including home)  
Brushes and Cleaning Supplies   Other:____________________________  
Paints, Film, Papers, etc.   Telephone Costs  
Gifts – Business ($75 per person limit)   Paging Service  
Chemicals for Film Processing   Internet and on-line Services  
Museum Dues and Memberships   Pay & Toll Calls  
Canvas and Stretchers   Cellular Phone  
Framing Costs   Other:____________________________  
Meals – Business (enter 100% of cost)   Equipment Purchases  
Slide & Film Processing   Phone & Answering Machine  
Stationary & Office Supplies   Computer & Computer Software  
Rent – Studio & Gallery Space   Press, Easel, and Paint Box  
Art Magazines and Books   Darkroom Equipment  
Legal & Accounting Fees   Camera (Digital & Traditional) & Lens  
Rents & Repairs of Equipment   Enlarger & Camera Bag  
Sculpture Supplies & Hardware   Modems and computer peripherals  
Food & Wine – Gallery Openings   Framing Apparatus  
Modeling Fees & Props   Power & Hand Tools  
Commissions – Agent/Gallery   Sculpting Tools  
Other:_____________________________   Other:______________________________
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