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As Tax Accountants we are ethically bound to help you pay the lowest tax you are legally required to pay. This list will help us do our job. It is a concise, though not exhaustive, outline of some of the documents we will need when we meet with you.

A copy of last year’s Federal and State tax returns.
All statements of income, such as:
Interest and Dividend statements (Form 1099)
Pension income amounts including Social Security
Individual Retirement Account contributions or withdrawals
Unemployment income statements
Trust, “S” corporation, and/or Partnership income amounts (Form K-1)

If you sold or purchased a home, locate all closing statements on the sale of the old home as well as the Federal tax return for the year in which your old home was originally purchasedWe will also need to know the original cost as well as any major improvements that were made to the home while you owned it.
Amounts of mortgage interest and points paid (Form 1098), real estate and auto excise taxes paid, charitable donations (both cash and non-cash), and “out-of-pocket” medical expenses.
Records of child care expenses including amounts and payee
Lists of any job related expenses, such as:

Moving expenses (if your move was job related)
Tools and other equipment such as computers, etc.
Safety clothing and uniforms
Professional books, journals, dues, union dues, etc.

Amounts of any estimated tax payments
Details of any capital gains transactions
If you own rental property or a small business, we will need to see the records pertaining to the property or business

Be sure to consult a 

if you think any of the matters discussed in our world wide web page concerns you or your business: this is not intended to be the complete story. Also, be sure your tax advisor is one of your area’s many qualified Tax Accountants. Be smart, entrust this very important job to a qualified professional. 

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