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Professional Fees & Dues   Travel – Out of Town  
Alumni Dues   Airfare  
Association Dues   Car Rental  
Credentials   Parking  
Parent Teacher Groups   Taxi and Train  
School and Union Dues   Bus & Subway  
Other:_____________________________   Lodging (do not combine with meals)  
Continuing Education   Meals (do not combine with lodging)  
Correspondence Course Fees   Porter, Bell Captain  
Course Registration   Laundry  
Lab Fees   Bridge & Highway Tolls  
Materials & Supplies   Telephone Calls (including home)  
Photocopy Expense   Other:____________________________  
Reference Material   Classroom Supplies  
Research Expenses   Arts & Crafts Materials  
Seminar Fees   Audio Visual Rentals  
Textbooks   Audio Visual Supplies  
Transcripts   Books and Music  
Tuition   Classroom Decorations  
Other:_____________________________   Computer Software  
Telephone Expenses   Film & Processing  
FAX Transmissions   Grading Expenses  
Pager   On-Line Services  
Toll Calls   Computers and Printers  
Cellular Charges   Newspapers and Magazines  
Other:_____________________________   Paper, Stationary, and Printing  
Auto Travel (In miles)   Party Supplies  
Away from Home Overnight   Photocopy Expense  
Between Jobs or Job Locations   Records, Tapes, etc.  
Continuing Education   Student Prizes & Awards  
Field Trips   Trophies  
Library Trips   Visual Aids  
Meetings   Video Tapes  
Purchasing Job Supplies & Materials   Other:____________________________  
Professional Society Meetings   Miscellaneous Expenses  
School Functions   Liability Insurance – Business  
Seminars   Periodicals  
Parking Fees and Tolls ($)   Professional Subscriptions  
Other:____________________________   Resume`
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